It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to talk to you all through this blog. So many things have happened and changed since my last words were typed back in April. Although we have all been going through this unprecedented pandemic and what feels like endless challenges as a society; there’s been some beautiful moments of joy and good, too. I want to tell you about one.

When we launched as a nonprofit on April 1, 2020, our first project was #LoveMilKids. Through some incredible partnerships (THANK YOU First Command Financial and Scott Credit Union) and one epic sewer/craft genius (Alicia Steele, that’s YOU) we created over 500 hearts made from used military uniforms for military kids, completely free. It was so special and it filled our hearts right up seeing their bright and happy faces as they held them.

We didn’t realize how important some of those hearts would become.

Right before Christmas, we received a message from an Army spouse. Her sweet baby boy Maddox had just been diagnosed with Leukemia in October. His uniform heart had become his constant companion to each chemo treatment and he’d lost it. He was naturally heartbroken and she wanted to know if we had any more left over. Of course we assured her we’d send a couple so he’d have a replacement and a back-up. But as things usually go with our amazing military spouse community, that’s not all that happened.

This is where those beautiful kindness ripples come in.

Alicia sewed Maddox his very own bear made from Army uniforms. Then we reached out to our kindness warriors at Fort Bragg, Emily and Heather. The idea was to surprise Maddox’s mama with a basket filled with items to make her smile and bring her some much needed joy. We had a small budget and they were all in. But those ripples continued.

Moving With The Military gave and so did Emily. Then business after business in the local Fort Bragg-Fayetteville community said they wanted to support the surprise, too. I am self-admitted crier and watching this unfold definitely brought on the tears! All. Day. Long. What a beautiful experience in the midst of something so hard. It was also a reminder of how much stronger we are when we come together.

We had no idea that when we created those hearts how important they would become to some of our military children. The ripple of that initial kind act continued with all of the things that followed. That is the power of kindness; creating a ripple with no end.

As you enter into the new year, we know things are going to continue to be hard. This season of the challenge isn’t over for any of us. But in the midst of all of that I hope you think of this story and look for your own way to make ripples, together.


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